Mental health is so easily overlooked. Often, it is much more easier to diagnose physical illness than mental illness but in some cases, I will argue that mental health is far more valuable and crucial in the health of a person.

Have you ever been in a situation were by you physically seem fine but mentally, you are feel like a walking cups?

Imagine that on a daily bases, for how long would you be able to cope before you literally start to fall apart.

A smile they say can hide so many pains. There are so many people out their walking around us, seemingly fine and happy but in reality are going through some of the most mentally challenging things you can ever image. So how does that affect me, I hear you say. Well, it affects us as a society and community as a whole. The less mentally stable our fellow citizens are, the more stressful society as a whole ends up being and at some point, we may face it one on one because these people are our colleagues, our friends, our bosses, our children and our brothers and sisters in Islam. A simple solution I really want to share today is, when you ask someone how they are, at least once in a day, ask, really hoping for a truthful answer and stopping for a few minutes or simply looking at the person you are speaking to may open an opportunity for that person to share something that may be bothering them with you. It may seem small but in reality, you may just be saving a life because what you may here in those few minutes may lead to an incredible change in the life of that person and also yours because every good deed is highly rewarded by Allah.

For those who feel to ashamed to speak about their problems: People are not as bad as you think, there are so many people out their, with a good heart who can assist you in whatever difficulties you may be facing. I can’t guarantee that judgement won’t be there but for the most part you just need to be a little selective of who you open up to. That’s not always easy when you are just in that moment and can’t hold back the tears so don’t force it away. It is important to allow our emotions to be, shutting down constantly won’t fix the problem, it will only build into a resentment that will later explode.

So, to rap this up; if you are in an emotional turmoil, let other in to help you. The devil can only attack the loan wolf. A lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way.

To everyone else; mean it when you ask “How are you?” It may change someone’s life.


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