Change Your Life is a premium three months long program that focuses on getting your mental health back on track. I literally pored my heart and soul into creating this program. It is a comprehensive package of all the tools that you will need to change your mindset, develop new one, and gain ways of maintaining a lasting state of peace of mind. Insha’Allah. The duration of the program can be extended as need if agreed but there must be a minimum of one session per week.

Change Your Life includes:

  • Free 30 consultation
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised Reviews of your progress
  • Complete 12 Week Coach Training Program
  • 2 Video lessons
  • A Workbook
  • 3 PDF guides
  • Specialised Islamic references & guides
  • unlimited email support (for the duration of the program)
OUTCOME (Insha’Allah)
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved clarity of your goals and how to achieve them
  • Tool box of strategies to support negative thoughts and behaviours
  • Managed anxiety
  • More Positive outlook on life
  • Improved self esteem





Reviving Nikka is a premium three months program created to support individuals or couples who are struggling in their marriages and want to avoid divorce. The goal of the program is to coach the client through issues that are causing difficulties in the marriage and give them the tools needed to avoid and/or prevent divorce.  This program is also best for individuals/couples who want to:

  • Rebuild trust, love and re connection with their spouses again.
  • Those who feel that their mental health is negatively affecting their marriage.
  • Those who have experienced infidelity either before or during the marriage.

As Muslims, marriage is an important aspect of our lives and keeping healthy marriage ties is the ultimate goal of this program. The duration of the program can be extended longer than three months as and when needed if agreed but there must be at least one session per week.

Reviving Nikka Includes:

  • Free 40 minutes consultation (included in your first session)
  • 3 months coaching
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised Reviews of your progression
  • 2 Video lessons
  • A Workbook
  • 3 PDF guides
  • Specialised Islamic references & guides
  • unlimited email support (for the duration of the program)
  • Bonus free 60 minutes catch up session 4 weeks after the program has ended worth £100

OUTCOME (Insha’Allah)

  • Divorce avoidance
  • Improved trust for your spouse
  • Tool box of strategies
  • Tool box of what to avoid
  • Changed/ Positive mindset
  • Closer connection with spouse
  • Greater sense of love between both spouses
  • Elimination of negative believes holding the marriage back




new beginnings

Leap of Faith is a two months coaching programs that is designed to get you the fundamental tools and guidance you need to break through the dark times after having been divorced and get your life and mental health back on track.  Separation and divorce is one of life’s most challenging times so it couldn’t be more important to have as much support as possible not only to help you through it but to help support you in finding a way forward, leaving the emotional trauma behind and making a fresh start.


  • 2 months coaching
  • 8 (1:1) coaching sessions consisting of one session per week
  • 30 minutes kick off call
  • Support & guidance on how to let go
  • Support & guidance on how to move on
  • Personalised Reviews of your progress
  • 2 PDF guide
  • unlimited email support
  • Specialised Islamic references and guides

OUTCOME (Insha’Allah)

  • Detachment from past pains
  • Detachment from partner (in terms of still being in love with them)
  • Improved self esteem
  • Positive hope for your future
  • Manageable Lifestyle with ex partner (if children are involved)





Sacred memories is a monthly coaching program designed to support those whom have lost a loved one. Be it a parent, a child, your spouse,  a close relative or friend. Going through bereavement can seem like your whole life has come to a stand still and it may be difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. But their is hope, although you will never forget your love ones; you can grieve and still move forward. During this program, I will support you with:

Sacred Memories Include:

  • Minimum of 4 coaching sessions
  • 1:1 coaching each week
  • Tools and guidelines on:
  1. Dealing with the pain
  2. Managing the triggers
  3. How to move forward
  4. Having a positive view of life again
  5. Islamic references and guidance’s throughout

Since bereavement can be such a personal experience, I have chosen to make this an open coaching program where you can choose how long you want to be coached for. There is however a minimum of one month commitment (4 coaching session with one session per week) required for you to be enrolled on to the program. After the initial first month, clients are free to extend this further (per monthly) as they see fit.





I also offer single 1:1 coaching sessions relating to any issues within the relationship and metal health field. These 1:1 coaching sessions are add on’s so you can add as many sessions as you go along. Through out these sessions, my aim is to support you in finding a way forward. You will receive a free 15 minutes additional time if you are a new client; this will be added to your first coaching session. The sessions are set at a 60 minutes minimum. Additional sessions there after must be booked at least one week in advance. Be mindful that the resources in the programs are not included in the single sessions although I may include some resources that I feel will support your progression.

How Sessions Take Place

Sessions, including packages, can be done via Skype, Whats App or phone. I have a limited amount of in-person sessions. I take pride in every single one of my clients and I only take on clients that I feel are right for the Programs. I am dedicated to giving my best, therefore; I expect all of my clients to show up, even when they feel like giving up and together, God willing, we can make the difference.


For new clients, the first session payment must be made in advance prior to meeting. All future payments can be arranged after our initial meeting for programs only. Unfortunately, payment plans are not available under the single sessions plan. Sessions are payable by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.  The full fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. All packages are payable upfront without refund.

How long does it take?

The process is different for each individual so the length of time varies. On average clients work with me from 1- 3 months followed by monthly check-ins. I see the most change working with clients that can commit to once per week for the first 2-3 months. From there some clients may come once or twice per month. It all depends on the individual. Coaching is a collaborative experience so the more willing you are to be engaged in the process the deeper and quicker we can move forward. But please remember that everything has its own time so it is important to honour what feels best for you.

Moving forward, if you find value in your session with me and you believe that it can also help someone else, then share your experience of these courses with them and perhaps you may be a means for them to thrive in their lives also with the permission of Allah.