Nafisa immigrated to the UK in 1999. Her parents made it very clear to her, the opportunity to thrive and instilled in her the drive to work hard.

Nafisa worked hard to pursue her education until she graduated in 2012 from Brunel University in London.

During her studies, as a growing young Muslim woman in the West, Nafisa went through a particular trial that seemed like a “nightmare” in her own words. She suffered from trauma, un-diagnosed depression and anxiety, yet found no real help. When she reported to her local doctor and asked for help, she was told that she would be added to the already long waiting list on the National Health Service before she would receive one session to speak to a counsellor. Nafisa waited for months over six months but found no help. No phone call and with her physical and mental health failing by the day, Nafisa then decided to search for answers within her religion and used her knowledge from her degree, scientific studies and an understanding of pathology in combination to heal her self.

Fast forward to today, despite still having challenges in life, Nafisa has cracked the code to stress management as a Muslim, and is now living a happy and healthy life. Her physical symptoms have vanished and she no longer has to rely on national health services to overcome mental health  and relationship issues.

Seeing the incredible results in her life, Nafisa set out to help others fulfil their full potential without falling apart in life. In 2018, Nafisa launched her stress management coaching program that has already seen incredible signups and growing rapidly.

Nafisa said: “One of the reasons why I am so proud of my programs is because they actually works. There is such a thing as living a successful, healthy and happy life in this world and I help my clients achieve and experience this, just as I have.”




  • Masha’Allah, Zarah had a single session to acquire some tools to manage her anxiety with public speaking and Alhamdullah by the end of the session, she was able to get that and left feeling uplifted and free by having a non judgemental environment to share her issues. May Allah continue to make things easy for her.

    Zarah- UK

  •   This was one of my most successful client who was a part of my now ‘Nikka Revival Program’. She decided to send me a postcard from Mecca when she visited with her husband after being coached and revived her marriage from a downward start to a loving tight bond with her husband once again, by the permission of Allah. “Rizky, you know how proud I am of you, keep it up.” Nafisa.

    Rizky. K – China